Wednesday, 8 April 2015

About us!

What is ecomo®?

Ecomo® is a global Smartphone communications community. Our services are offered across the world, giving everyone the opportunity to communicate from anywhere to anyone anywhere. The unique app uses either mobile data/wifi or the local telephone network hence giving customer the best commercial and technical options available, providing the most effective global communication possible!

Using both Social Media and Word of Mouth ecomo® has been able to expand, grow and spread across the globe, at a rapid speed. Joining people daily to this global community!

We at ecomo® strive to be the best possible service through our innovative approach to communication!

It’s quick, simple and easy to get involved! Join our community today and start making low cost calls in minutes! To sign up and for more information go to!

For £5 free calling credit, use promocode PR200 when joining!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Get Involved!

Ecomo® Ambassadors

Ecomo® is promoted globally by its users who first hand have experienced the service first hand and are genuinely passionate about sharing a great product.

Each ambassador has a country or market of interest that they have presence and value. No money is asked of you but we give you the opportunity to share in our success by simply promoting ecomo® to customers who will benefit in using our ecomo® service.

At ecomo we are great believers that everyone has the right to chat for no or minimal cost but we need people like YOU to spread the word.

Being involved in ecomo as an ambassador will show you firsthand how fantastic the service actually is! By referring friends, family, business contacts etc. to ecomo® you will be rewarded and can be with great confidence due to your very own positive ecomo® experience.

By using ecomo® you will be saving money while making money by promoting a service you feel passionate about – it’s so easy! Please email and we will follow up!

Don’t delay! We can only have a certain amount of ambassadors and positions are on a first come first serve basis.

Please Note: Ecomo users must be 18 years of age or over and have a bank account. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not featured or you have any idea’s what  you would like to see on our blog then drop us a message at or tweet us at @ecomoofficial

How do I know I am using ecomo® when I call? / When calling via the BLUE ecomo button I can’t get through!

On the ecomo® dial pad screen look in the top left hand corner. If there is a GREEN spot with your mobile number next to it you are registered and on ecomo®. If there is a RED spot in the top left hand corner then there is no INTERNET access or signal in the area you are in therefore you cannot make any calls.

How do I know my balance is?

Your balance is displayed in the top right hand corner of the ecomo® dial pad screen and it reduces each time you make a charged call. It will not reduce for ecomo® to ecomo® calls!

When calling via ecomo® GREEN button I get one ring tone and then it cuts off, why?

This problem is probably because your number is withheld; just change these settings for efficient calling. This issue is because ecomo® identifies you by your mobile number.

I can’t find my country!

Ecomo® ‘Choose Country’ list allows you to select local telephone networks via a local number. Ecomo® has local number in 51 of 193 countries. If your country is not listed select ‘country not supported’. You can now still call ecomo® to ecomo® with the BLUE calling button.

How do I know I have been charged for an ecomo® call?

Ecomo® calls are charged per minute. Your displayed credit in the top left hand corner of the dial pad will reduce after each charged call. You can check ecomo® rates at our website

Top Tip: Save our mobile friendly website as an icon on your smart phone so you can check rates easily when on the move!

To view how much money you have spent on ecomo® just go to ‘call history’. Here your recent calls are stored here along with the call cost!

When do I choose calling via the ecomo® BLUE button or GREEN button?

Check if there is a local hotspot – if so turn on your wifi and use the ecomo® BLUE button. If you are walking in the street and have good 3G signal – use ecomo® blue button. If you have weak signal or are on the move i.e. on the train or bus then use the GREEN button – you are much less likely to lose signal. The choice is yours.

Monday, 9 March 2015

No verification sms!?

We tried to text you back but..

Sometimes, there is the unlikely occurrence that the verification text doesn't reach you. For this we apologize. But it is really very simple to amend!

Make sure you have verified your email address. Often, out of our control, this email is sent to a 'junk' or 'spam' folder so be sure to check there! Once you have found it, open it up and click on the verification box.

Go to and sign in. Go straight to 'Menu' and then select 'Incomplete Registration'.

Enter your mobile in the format 00 and country code and mobile number without the leading zero. For example, to enter UK mobile 077790773920 enter 004477790773920 and click 'Next'

Check your Smartphone for a text from ecomo® and enter the 6 digit code into the box on to verify your number and activate your account!

Then choose the Android or iPhone icon to download the ecomo® app onto your Smartphone.

Its as simple as that!

Top Tip: When the ecomo® icon is on your Smartphone save it next to your call icon for ease in the future!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

How to call internationally call - effortlessly!

ecomo® is as easy as A B C!

In this day and age nothing is ever completely straight forward; technology has become so complex that even just a phone call can be a task! However, ecomo® is a quick, easy and cheap way to make calls internationally; no mind numbing questions or pointless fiddly features, just the opportunity to connect and talk for little or no cost at all.

There are two options to chose from- Green calls and Blue calls.

Using the BLUE button to make a call allows you to use WiFi or your 3G data usage to make a call to any other ecomo® user, anywhere in the world. Next time you’re in your local WiFi cafe why not call a friend thousands of miles away for FREE using the fantastic ecomo® app.

The GREEN button allows you to use the local telephone network from as little as 1p a minute! This is great in areas you are unable to connect to a hotspot or have poor 3G signal. No internet access is required!
Using ecomo® is simple once you’ve downloaded the application, to make a call all you need to do is-
TAP the ecomo® icon> PUSH ‘continue’> OPEN up your contacts> SELECT your contact> TOUCH the number> CHOOSE whether to make a GREEN or BLUE call.

And that’s it!

What else is great is when overseas you can make ecomo® local; all you need to do is change your location.
Simply TAP the ecomo® icon> PUSH ‘Choose your country’> SCROLL to and SELECT desired country>PRESS back and you’re done.

As you can see, this is a simple step by way to connect with anyone around the world. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today at and download the app free today on your Android or iOS smart phone. 

Everybody Has The Right To Communicate For Free!

Everybody have the right to talk, but does everyone have the means to?

Have you taken the big step and traveled, currently living countries apart from familiarity? or do you have friends or relatives living overseas? Are extortionate mobile prices stopping you from connecting to the people you care about? We have a solution. We at ecomo® believe everybody has the right to talk, so ecomo® to ecomo® calls are free and simple. No hidden cost just unlimited communication! It's easy, both yourself and your friends need to download the free app from our website. It’s all you need to do to be making free international calls in minutes.

The more friends you get involved the more money you will be saving on calls, because not a penny is spent when ecomo® to ecomo® calls are made, even the app itself is FREE! (Always make sure your ecomo® app is on so you can receive free calls all day long).

Call the person you wish to in the format Country Code + Mobile Number i.e. save 0047790773990 as 47790773990, make sure you call using the BLUE call button, this is how free Wifi/3G calls  are made.

How to make a free ecomo® call

TAP the ecomo® icon> PUSH ‘continue’> OPEN up your contacts> SELECT your contact> TOUCH the number> CHOOSE BLUE call. At this point you will then hear a ‘this call is free’ announcement to confirm you aren’t being charged.

It’s as simple as that; free international costs, no hidden fees.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Are You Paying Too Much For Domestic & International Calls? Read On

The World Cup has started in earnest. At times like this when loved ones have travelled or are travelling abroad, it is essential for one to have a reliable and less costly means of keeping in touch.

With this in mind, we have developed ecomo, an Android and iPhone calling app.
ecomo® is the global Mobile community where users call, conference, and chat with each other anywhere in the world. ecomo® works on ALL Android® & I Phone® smartphones and tablets and ecomo® customers are everywhere in the world, so spread the word, and ask your friends and family to join the ecomo® revolution today!

Make calls free of charge
Take advantage of ecomo® FREE which is available between ALL ecomo® customers everywhere in the world and between any country in the world. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world all ecomo® customers can call, conference and chat between each other for FREE. Just sign up and use our ecomo® icon. Get the whole family to sign up and talk for free.

Chargeable Calls
ecomo® OUT allows ALL ecomo® customers everywhere in the world to make quality calls to non ecomo® users mobiles or landlines at massively reduced call rates compared with alternatives. Check our rates here. For more details. Just sign up and use our ecomo® icon

How to sign up
Go to our website here and click on SIGN UP. 

Free £5/$8 Calling Credit
To get free credit follow this link:

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